sit down, let’s talk

Who am I? What a question. Does any one really know, can that question really be answered? I may not be able to answer that one philosophically, but I can let you in on some of the facts.

I was born in 1960 in Bangor, Maine. I was there, but I do not recall the day.

I am the second child, first male, in a house of 5 children.

I grew up with severe father issues; two weeks in a clinic will at least help you get a hold of it.

I grew up a severe introvert. The woods (no pun intended) were my best friends.

I love animals, especially my dogs. My wife wishes my mom had let me have my own dog when I was a child.

I have a master Class Falconry License; I love hawks, falcons and hunting with them.

My children think it is normal, HA!

I love my wife and all our amazing children: 5 children, their 4 spouses and our growing number of grandchildren.

I love my wife. She is my best friend, my lover, and my favorite person in the world.

Marriage is the easiest relationship in the world.

I pastor the greatest church in central Kentucky: Vineyard Community Church Richmond.

I was raised to the age of 12 in the Catholic faith, but I found Jesus at a little Mennonite church in New Carlisle, Ohio when I was 17 years old. Consequently, I also found my wife there. Did I say she is amazing? Wow.

In 1990 at the age of 30, I heard the Lord call me into full time ministry. After attending Bible College, I pastored a Mennonite Church in western Oklahoma for 10 years (I was a cowboy), then moved to central Kentucky to help a young friend with his church plant. In 2009 the Lord freed me and called me to plant the Vineyard Community Church here in Richmond. It was what God birthed me to do. It is the purpose that I was born to, and though I have no familial ties to Kentucky, I have fallen in love with the Bluegrass.

I learned early that art and life, music, poetry, and motorcycling are for doing not just watching or previewing. There is too much of life to be lived and not enough days to live it. Therefore I choose to live life with a bit of reckless abandon. My wife would love for me to come in off the wing of this airplane called life: but then, the view and the ride are amazing.


You won’t die until it is time, so live your life and start taking risks and chances. Failure is just your opportunity to learn and grow.



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