Move Forward

So I have this picture and I want to share it with you. Here it is, it was given to me by a young man that I got to shepherd. It is a privilege to pour into his life and I am honored to even know him and call him friend. I was wrestling one day last Fall with hearing God and he noticed. I was IMG_0861sitting in the coffee shop he managed and he walked over and gave me this note. It is written on a torn off piece of a coffee filter, (how apropos), I now have it up on my wall under my writing Plexiglas. Let me share with you the situation.


I’m sitting in a coffee shop sipping my $4.00 latte’. This day I wasn’t so much talking and visiting as I was praying and listening. I needed to hear from God. I needed to be quiet. I was trying to understand the next physical step our church needed to take: to build or not to build? See, I have a 4 phase plan given to me from God for our physical location, but I was trying to skip phase 3 and save up some money for phase 4. We were doing well, but something was off. That something was that I believed God had given us a plan and asked me to lead it; all the phases, in order, and timely. I clearly was hearing God say, “If you don’t do what I ask, how can I lead you forward?” But, I was still wrestling it was a scary number to me.

How long are you going to ignore God?

So this young man comes over and pops down a note on 2 cents worth of paper product and it became one of the catalysts for a $250,000 build out. “Take the next step. Move forward.”  The project was 7 months from “go” to finish and we only owe $11,000. Wow God you are so faithful. I ponder that note often since it is on the wall next to my head. I look left and there it is at eye level calling to me to heed.

My mind is kidnapped every time

I don’t want to write to you about a building project, but rather that God still speaks to you in very conventional and unconventional ways. His voice is ringing out, but sometimes we can’t hear it for all the noise in our lives. We sit down with our Bibles but the kids, the day, the dogs, and work, steal our minds and runs off with them. We have been mentally kidnapped. We try to just stop and breathe during the day but the phone rings, someone comes in our office and we are kidnapped again. Some days it feels like we are going nowhere and we don’t know if we should take a step or not.

Move Forward

This post is for you. You have been hijacked by the problems of life. Maybe your kidnapper is bad decisions that you made and now the consequences have come calling. Maybe the kidnappers are rejection and divorce, indebtedness or deadendedness. Maybe your abductor is the lie that, nothing will change, so you might as well sit down and stew, and whine, and mull, and wallow in your self pity. It may be something else entirely. I want to say to you, “Look at the picture.” Just stare at it for a second. Here is a word from God from an unconventional place: “Take the next step. Move FORWARD.” (emphasis mine) You need a word today and that word is, “Take the next step. Move forward.” It might be scary, it might be ridiculous, it is entirely possible that you will be the only one that understands the need to do it, but do it!! God is in front of you saying, “Follow me,” he is not behind you screaming, “Get a move on.” May God reveal himself to you today!

Kevin and KelseyOn a side note

It just so happens that this past Sunday was this young man’s last Sunday with us after 7 or more years. I performed his wedding, blessed his children and now, this past weekend, we blessed and commissioned him and his family to Detroit Michigan, to go on staff at a church there.

He took the next step and he and his wife are moving forward.

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