new_england_paitriotsNEW ENGLAND BY BIRTH, FAN BY….. WELL, BY BIRTH.

I have to admit to being a big fan of the Patriots. I’m from New England of course I’m a fan. So much so that I take a lot of crap from my sister Laura Beth (Dallas fan, go figure) that I won’t name so I can protect her privacy. I was a fan back in the days when we wore bags on our heads but still screamed and cheered for the team. I had a slight romantic interlude with the Cincinnati Bengals when I lived in Ohio and Icky Woods was playing, but alas, those kinds of relationship just don’t last.


Tom Brady under-inflates the footballs, gets vilified, Aaron Rogers admits that he over-inflates the footballs nothing? ( My issue isn’t the gross, world changing, life threatening sin of the deflation, it’s the NFL’s disproportionate response to the sins of it’s players. So let me say, “Roger Goodell, get a grip man.” There, now back to what I really want to talk about.


I saw an article this morning that I feel I need to speak into; fans are sending money to the Patriots to pay the million-dollar fine, come on, really? The Kraft family needs US, you and I, to pony up 1 million dollars, the Kraft family? Robert Kraft’s net worth listed at Forbes is as such: 4.3 BILLION DOLLARS!! More than half of that number comes from the New England Patriot franchise: 2.6 Billion!! How could you possibly, even, kind of, conceive a little , that this ENTERTAINMENT franchise needs or deserves your donation dollars?


I don’t know Robert and his family. I wouldn’t mind having them in for Sunday dinner, maybe have them stop by the church and worship with us and then come home, it would be cool. But you and I don’t have clue how much he, his family, or his organizations donate to the care and ministry from the tons of requests they must get. Clearly they have done a lot of good. No, I’m not talking about them, that’s none of our business. I’m talking to all the fire breathing, club swinging, rock throwing, out of focused folks and media that think this deflation was some kind of historic, world altering, “Jesus is coming back to deal with it” event, that either needs to be kept alive or, the fines that need to be paid for by donations. Donations.


So to all you fans that feel the need to pay $175 or so a ticket to sit with the pigeons at Foxboro (it’s on my bucket list) and then send free money to the Patriot franchise to pay the debt, you all know there was another earthquake in Nepal right? That’s two this month. Someone tell Roger Goodell if he wants the NFL to make a difference, then demand that the 1 million dollar fine be sent to a legitimate, responsible, accountable ministry/ organization that is working in Nepal.

Cry for nigeriaNEPAL REVISITED

A couple weeks ago there was an earthquake that killed thousands of people and now this week another one has killed hundreds. People’s lives have been shattered by loss of family, loss of friends, loss of communities, loss of homes, loss of infrastructure, loss of means, food, water, transportation, jobs, the list is unimaginable for us in the west. This is just one natural disaster. There are more things facing life on this planet that deserve at least a tithe, a tenth, a portion of the attention that has been given to this absurd, entertainment driven, travesty upon the hearts of NFL fans around the world.


Did you know that in America alone in 2012 according to, over 1600 children died from abuse and neglect? How does that compare to the more than 2,000 souls that died January 15 at the hand of Boko Harem? Where was/is the proportionate outcry? This wasn’t air out of a football; this was lives, men, women and children, lost. You don’t have to send millions, but where is the outcry?


What does it say when entertainment in America gets this kind of worldwide publicity and outrage, while the children around you get neglected or killed? I realize that we need a break from the negativity in the news, even the sports news. The media is as sensational and as negative and shocking as they can be, as the ever were, but let’s find some positivity, even in our own lives to post and talk about.

You want to make a difference in Nepal, check out this group of people:

Let’s give some proportionate attention and donations to people making a difference, and doing good, and getting no trophies for doing it.

Let’s lift up the needs of organizations where your donations will actually make real difference.

Pick your favorite organization and donate your monies to them. The NE Patriots don’t need your money to pay their entertainment fine they have plenty. What they don’t have, they will make.

Pick your favorite community organization and donate your time to them. Start with just 5 hours this week.

Choose to change the world.

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