Do You Suck?


DREAMSSo I had a dream the other night. I really believe that people should pay more attention to their dreams. Dreams mean something. I for one believe the God speaks to people through their dreams. We write them off too much. Now I will say that you need to learn the difference between what is God speaking and what is last night’s pizza speaking. Maybe if you would choose to write down your dreams when you wake up and then after a week, read through them and begin to hear God speak to you.


So I had a dream the other night and it didn’t make any sense to me at all. It was a bit funny and weird and I wrote it off until God sparked it the next day. So here it is. I was some place, who knows where it was a theatre though; I do know that. I do know that it was an important production of something. I’m aware that a young man was the star. He was the guy that was the center of all the attention. I was there with some people. Don’t know why, don’t know who. Somewhere during this production, I was asked to jump up and play a part. I apparently was good with it because I did. I jumped up delivered my lines and then came back to my seat with my friends and it was cool. When the show was over the waiter (where’d that come from) came over to my table, (what happened to the seats we were sitting in?) and brought me a large, beautiful piece of Coconut Cream Pie. (I knew this was a dream about heaven.) I can still see the Coconut Cream Pie, the rest of the dream is fading, but not that pie, What does that say about me? When I asked why I was getting a pie I was told that I did a good job and that all the cast gets pie. They said that, though my part was small, it was important. The pie was great. I woke up and the dream was over, the day began. I remember thinking, “What a weird little dream.” It meant nothing.


Fast forward to the next day. It was the Saturday before Easter: the very day before the biggest celebration in the Christian calendar. We were busy and things were hopping at the Church. This was going to be our first Saturday night service. The church has grown to the place of needing this service just to make room. Everything was set. The anticipation was palpable! Who would come? And they came in masses. It was overwhelming.

WORSHIP TEAMAs Jessie (worship leader) led us in worship I was so aware of God in my personal relationship. That isn’t always the case; sometimes it is hard to get out of the “job” aspect and into the spiritual aspect of a worship service when you are playing a part in it. Just being honest there. Not this time. I was crying. The music sounded like a resonance from heaven. The voices blended then harmonized and it was loud. People were lifting up their anticipation, expectations, dreams and hurts to God in heaven.


Whaaaaaaam just like that and I was aware of the dream from last night. God was letting me know that, I jump up in the scheme of time to play a small part, but that he has coconut pie for me to tell me, “well done good and faithful servant.” I cried more. It was just God letting me know that this was the right thing to do. Just a small affirmation that Saturday night IS his will for us. He was simply reminding me that it’s not about me, I just play a little part, but that we share in the whole. Thank you God.


Are you a sucker or are you a server? I mean, do you play a part in the kingdom of God or are you just here to perpetuate a self-gratifying experience? Is your life about Jesus or is it about you?

I think a lot of people go to church but never understand the concept of BEING the church. Instead they come to the church and get what they can: ministry, duty, guilt, endurance, singing, you know, check attendance off the list of weekend activities.

LAPREYThey come in, suck in what they can, and then head out. They enjoy the production, but don’t play a part. Kind of like a Lamprey that attaches to the side of a fish and then just sucks the life out of it. They take what they can, but don’t seriously contribute anything.


God has more for you than being a sucker. He wants to employ you in this production called life. He has a mission that is unfolding daily and his plan is not for you to sit on the sidelines. He wants you involved, plugged in; he has an important part for you to play. You get PIE!cocnut cream pie

When you think about being a part of a church, do you think of an institution or a gathering? Do you think of attending or investing in this gathering? The church moves forward through the giving, not the sucking, of the gathered believers. We come to GIVE worship to God: through financial offerings, service to the community, energy and time to the body of believers and not yet believers.

So, do you suck or do you serve?

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