Man what a day this week is turning out to be.

The truck is in the shop so my wife and I have been carpooling. It’s amazing how much we do not do together that I wasn’t aware of. She doesn’t go to the City council Meetings with me. She didn’t use to go to the coffee shop with me on Wednesday mornings because I go so early. And she certainly doesn’t go to Indianapolis with me when I go to get Ava. Thankfully my son in law was available and has a truck. Also good because my dog doesn’t fit in my wife’s Miata and even more so when I also am in the car with my wife. So, a 7-hour trip later and my Ava is home from the kennel, a little worse for the wear but she will heal.

What about you, how has your week been going?

At church a couple weeks ago the message was about SOARing. 2015 is for SOARing. But in order to SOAR there has to be some flapping. You certainly don’t get to fly let alone SOAR if you aren’t willing to flap.

Flapping isn’t for sissies,


it’s hard and frankly we don’t like it. Trucks break, people let you down, money has to be spent, relationships are strained, jobs are lost, and marriages end, children struggle and you have to keep flapping if you want to SOAR. Frankly sometimes we don’t want to flap do we? We just want to lie down and scream and yell and ask God if he has a clue. Even as a pastor sometimes I just have to walk around and ask God, loudly and vehemently but respectfully, if he is aware of what the heck is going on!

We don’t like to be inconvenienced as a humanity. We have a drive-through for hamburgers, for medicines, for tobacco, for snow cones, for alcohol; shoot we even have drive through for our donuts now. We just don’t have time to flap do we? And yet, that is where strength comes from, from the struggle.

I have a friend that used to have a bazillion ostriches, maybe not quite that many, I could be off by a kazillion. He had a lot of big awkward birds that laid “community omelet sized” eggs. Inside that egg at one time, was what was considered a very expensive baby ostrich. Sometimes they had a hard time hatching. I asked him if it didn’t make sense to him, to help the little guy out. I mean, can someone help a fella’ out, literally, of his shell? My friend told me that the struggle of the little ostrich to hatch, to peck his way out, was crucial to his existence. He told me that in the breaking free process was the conditioning that would allow the ostrich to strengthen and stand, to move around, to live.

God designed that ostrich. He designed it to struggle to hatch so that when it did, it could live. Our struggles are important to our survival whether we know it or not. When I stop whining and get to the flapping part. When I know that the flapping is important to the SOARing process, then the flapping isn’t as evil as I thought. Maybe, I think, SOARing will be a little bit easier and more glorious, because God was with me in the flapping; teaching me, watching over me and even shaping me, to be all I can be so that I can live.

Go ahead, thank God for the flapping, ask him to help you flap better, but FLAP.

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